"Got the VIP seating where they bring you refills and also saw a great movie.  A++"  
~Tom Jensen

See a Movie like a VIP!

Introducing a new, more comfortable way to experience a movie! The VIP Way!.....

We now have limited VIP Leather Recliners in BOTH Theaters
The VIP Experience is an additional $2 and includes:

~ A plush leather oversized recliner
~ Complimentary Small Popcorn
~ Complimentary refills on all popcorn/drink refills AND a Movie Theater first:
~ Personal ordering devices allow you to order concessions and refills right from your seat! No need to wait in line when you get here and no need to miss parts of the film just to get a refill! Dedicated staff will bring everything right to your seat.

Reservations are recommended for the VIP section due to limited availability. 
You can book your seat today online or by calling 231-375-5228